0860Accident combines several services to offer a complete accident management solution that includes Towing, Tow destination and Assessment Centres for Drivable & Non-drivable vehicles.

In addition to our fully operational facility in Alberton, we are in the process of putting together a network of independent assessment centres that will provide a national solution to multiple insurance & claims management companies.

The reality is that very few Insurance companies can justify the expense to open their own national network of assessment centres, so it makes perfect sense to join forces with 0860Accident to enjoy the benefits of an assessment centre network, without the financial outlay required to establish and maintain such a venture.

0860Accident offer brokers a single solution irrespective of where the insurance policy is held – clients won’t have to be re-educated every time they change insurer.

We offer the customers total freedom of choice in all aspects – Brokers can therefore advise their clients without interference from other roll players.

Not all industry players have the same requirements – it is likely that a particular broker or insurer only require some of the services offered and the invitation is therefore open to discuss your individual needs with us to see how 0860Accident can assist to make your business life easier.