0860ACCIDENT Facility Overview:

At our 0860Accident facility in Alberton, we offer a one stop facility for Towing, Tow destination and Vehicle assessments.


The 1200m² enclosed and lockable storage facility is located at Alberante BMW and is ideal as an assessment center for towed vehicles as it is easily accessible to tow trucks. The facility is now fully operational and also serves as the 0860Accident head office and call center.

A competitive advantage of this facility is that it is not located in an industrial area like other tow yards and is therefore more customer friendly and secure, especially at night.


Our indoor vehicle storage area can accommodate 40 vehicles and is equipped with two 2-post lifts and good lighting to aid with accurate assessments in a clean and weather-proof environment.

Indoor storage prevents further damage to vehicle interiors caused by poor weather conditions. Ample parking is provided and the possibility exists to extend the storage area into the adjacent 4500m² basement parking.


The office area has dedicated assessor workstations with ADSL and wireless internet connectivity. Copy, fax and scanning facilities are also provided. There is a customer seating area with flat screen TV, coffee bar, a boardroom and our friendly staff, always willing to assist.


This facility is currently open to all assessors and insurers, on a zero cost basis.